The National Company for Maize Products (NCMP) transforms Mother Nature’s precious materials into essential daily products. In 2017, NCMP was acquired by the well-known holding company Cairo 3A in which leads the way in sustainable agri-commodity trading and manufacturing for modern life.

That said, with the current production of 330,000 tons per year, NCMP continues its commitment to constant sustainable improvement. When it comes to delivering high-quality corn to the world, we consistently source the best from across the globe. Also, our employees, provide several options to maintain quality attributes.

We want to leave our planet better than we found it and have people feel good about using our products. For this reason, we try our best to build sustainability in every step we take using the highest ethical standards. At NCMP, our primary goal is to deliver essential daily products while operating in an environmentally sustainable way to ensure a healthier planet.

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The expansions at the National Company for Maize Products
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